Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Are You There, Internet? It's Me, Etienne.

This morning I skipped my recumbent ride in order to paint a door.

Its white paint was peeling in places; now it's slate grey.

I finished my third read-through of Dave Robinson’s and Judy Groves’s delightful Introducing Philosophy: A Graphic Guide. I have yet to transcribe all of my notes, but my favourite quote is an apt description of the current state of discourse: “You pay your money and you pick your language game.”

I started Simon Crichtley’s Continental Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction. The title is misleading: as far as I can make it out, it’s actually a long essay arguing for more dialogue between the major philosophical traditions. Thirty pages in, I am not convinced this is entirely necessary. Philosophy is a broad church; the human condition presents enough problems to occupy any number of professional thinkers. A shared idiom or method would not necessarily make the task of interpreting the world any easier; the dialogue de sourds provides opportunities for useful misappropriation (or strong misreading, as Bloom puts it). I am moreover skeptical of the significance of the Continental/analytic divide in the age of Cultural Studies. Like it or not, we will have theories, and hermeneutics, of everything.

Favourite quote so far: “Food first, then ethics”—one of Brecht’s witticisms.

My colouring books have arrived.

The poster-sized volume is a masterpiece of cultural appropriation (putting deities in the same category as creatures is an egregious misapprehension of polytheism). The smaller book (on tattoo art) also features a great deal of sacred imagery, including a spiffy Mjölnir. Creatively-speaking, colouring offers limited benefits, but I want to diversify my downtime activities to include tasks that don't involve a screen. Until recently, my leisure time was divided between aimless internetting and Baldur’s Gate.

I picked blueberries. And cucumbers.

I did (1x30)+(2x25)+(1x20) push ups.

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  1. Wow thats a lot of pushups and love all the fresh fruit and veggies picture. The books look fun. Enjoy :D